About Us…

Bella Salon in Edison offers a variety of high-end nail treatments, as well as waxing services. Enjoy all the beauty and wellness services you could ever need in our relaxed, upscale boutique atmosphere.

Bella Salon offers total peace and relaxation. Our professional nail technicians will do their best to soothe and calm your body and mind! Choose any color of nail polish from our hundreds of choices and just sit back and relax.

We are committed to bringing you the best products and services. 

Getting married? At Bella Salon, we offer a memorable time for you and your wedding party to gather together, and make great memories while getting ready for The Big Day! We will provide decorations and champagne to make your day complete. Come relax and enjoy time with your bridal party and family while receiving great nail care and professional service. 

Beauty Tip to Toe

Elegant & Relaxing

Medical Grade

High Quality

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